ePay FAQs Form

  • FAQs

  • What is ePay?

    A fast, secure way to transfer funds to another person online anywhere across the U.S. Electronically send money from your American Heritage account to another person's bank account for free.

  • How do I pay a person?

    All you need is the person’s email or cell phone number. They receive a message that you have sent them a payment and they are provided a link with instructions on how to receive your payment.

  • How many payments can I send a month?

    You can send up to $2,500 in payments per day and up to $5,000 per month. Your limit is a maximum of 10 payments per day and 100 per month.

  • What is the transaction limit for a ePay transfer?

    The maximum transfer amount is $1000.00. If you enrolled in bill pay within in the last 30 days, the maximum transfer amount is $500.00. The minimum transfer amount is $1.00.

  • When will the recipient receive the funds?

    The email or text message is sent immediately after a member submits a ePay payment. Once the recipient completes the secured login requirements, the money will be deposited into the recipient’s account in one to two business days. You will need to provide the recipient with the code word.

  • When will the funds be withdrawn from my account?

    ePay payments are processed at 3:00pm EST on the day the recipient accepts the transfer. The funds are not held or withdrawn from the member’s account until the recipient accepts the transfer. If the recipient accepts the funds after 3:00pm EST, the funds will be withdrawn the next business day.

  • How long does the recipient have to accept my transfer?

    The recipient must accept the transaction within 9 days. They will receive a reminder at the 3rd and 6th calendar day mark. Failure to accept the transaction within the 9 day window will result in an unsuccessful transaction attempt, and another ePay transfer will need to be created.

  • What if the recipient enters incorrect information?

    Verification of submitted information will be completed to ensure the routing number provided is valid; however, the system cannot confirm if the recipient enters an invalid account number.

  • Am I able to save recipients to send payments to in the future?

    Yes, previous recipients will be available for repeat use.